Discover the Missing Link

in the Puzzle of Your Life

The Karmic Patterns of the Past

Through a Journey of Exploration

Beyond the Blockages

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Breakthrough the Past

We all have blockages - 

those old emotions and feelings that work against us.


They are patterns of behavior from our past -

we have an entire database of experiences stored in us.


Through Destiny Healing, we will take a journey of exploration.  An important story will come through to give you great clarity on how and why you operate the way you do.


That story is the missing link in the puzzle of your life.

Meet Dotty

Can you change your destiny by healing yourself without drugs or surgery but rather by intention alone?

Surviving a near death experience in 1988 took Dotty on a path of exploration of various alternatives healing modalities and personal growth development.  The most powerful and transformative method she learned focuses on identifying and releasing old patterns of restriction and experiences we store and carry within us.


This very insightful and experiential process can transform your life and bring you and your life to a whole new level.

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