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Can you change your destiny by healing yourself without drugs or surgery but rather by intention alone?

This question took Dotty O’Donnell on a lifetime journey.


Surviving a near death experience in 1988 took Dotty on a path of exploration of various alternative healing modalities. Her body had miraculously healed itself before the doctors could even figure out what was wrong with her. Did she have a superpower?

Her path led to the study many modalities, such as meditation, psychology, stress-management, life coaching, belief systems, hypnosis, behavioral conditioning, neuroscience, positive thinking and affirmations just to name a few. Then a game changer modality, karmic healing, changed her life.

She had the rare opportunity to apprentice with a master karma healer for seven years. Through intense, rigorous training, she completed a doctoral training and residency program where she mastered powerful and transformative karma healing techniques and methods. The techniques focus on identifying and releasing old karmic patterns of restriction and experiences we store and carry within us.

Known for her deep insight, profound wisdom and her laser focus, Dotty uses a transformational methodology that creates permanent change in people’s lives.  Drawing upon 30 years of experience in the healing arts, Dotty creates an integrative approach to fit the needs of each client. This method is a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern psychology principles.

This very insightful and experiential process can transform your life to a whole new level.

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