Learn to Meditate

Connect to the Stillness and Silence Within.


Why Meditate?

Meditation is something everyone can do to improve their life. In my work, meditation was a significant part of my training and has a huge impact on the results people experience when working with me.

I received my Advanced Meditation Teacher Certification after completing over 520 hours of training with the Meditation Master davidji, internationally recognized stress expert and award winning author.


Benefits of Meditation, to name a few:


  • You can meditate anywhere

  • Greatly reduces anxiety and stress

  • Clearer thinking

  • Promotes emotional health

  • Boosts your focus

  • Better sleep

  • Redirects your attention

  • Develops mental discipline

  • Increases productivity

  • Decreases blood pressure

Private Meditation Sessions

  • Bring a sense of peaceful presence to your life every day. Instruction is carefully personalized just for you.

  • Adults and children welcome.

  • Four (4) 45-minute sessions: $350

In Person

North Easton, MA


Via Facetime or Video Chat

Over the Phone

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Let's Connect

I am happy to answer questions and am available to work with you in-person or remotely. 


Complimentary 20-minute consultations available.

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