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Thank you for helping me find Jim. Our wedding was beautiful - Leah

Dotty is a kind, gifted and unique healer who has an amazing ability to improve one's life circumstances. She zeroed in on my life challenges nearly instantly and equipped me with a deep-rooted healing and empowering perspectives that I have never found in other modalities or therapies.  I feel blessed to have found Dotty and am grateful for the ability to finally break through the blocks and years of stagnation.- Amy

I initially went to Dotty on recommendation from a friend because I wasn’t thriving at work. Since then, she’s helped me strengthen my positive energy in the world and the world’s positive energy in me - in both tangible, measurable ways and ways that are more spiritual/unquantifiable.


Within about 2 months of the first karmic clearing session I had with her, I’d already made a career overhaul (new job in a new industry I was excited about, with an $18,000 increase in yearly salary). A few months after that I found an ideal living situation as well.


A lot of the language in the sessions she leads is connected to radiance, and I genuinely feel brighter in so many ways – intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. I’m beyond grateful for her and her work! - Mike

I have to say that with regard to my “low-lying fruit” you were so right, I feel alot better and don’t have the anxiety and it seems like all that junk has fallen off. - Lynda

I’m feeling so grateful and lucky, your karmic healing work continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Thank you for sharing your magic. - Kristin

I’m so grateful for the karma session you gave me back in the fall. It was super interesting, it helped me get a fantastic job!!! I started this past October, and I love the job for so many different reasons. With all the light in my heart, thank you so much.  - Jody

Dottie knew that I could benefit from her healing services before I did - and I'm so grateful I said 'yes' to her offer to help me. She is the consummate professional and can see exactly why you might be feeling "stuck," even if you cannot. Dottie helped me heal many wounds from my life and reach the things I truly wanted. In working with Dottie, I was able to advance my career, go back to graduate school, find love, get married, and buy my first home all within a few years. I attribute these milestones to Dottie and her wisdom. She is always there to guide the way. - Steve

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